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  • Personal Tax Deductions

  • Find information about the most common deductions that can be claimed in your tax return, we have included an overview of some of the most common deductions and credits available depending on you and your family / employment ...

  • Medical Expenses

  • The medical expenses can be used to reduce the tax that you paid or may have to pay. These expenses include a wide range of products, procedures and services, such as:

    • Medical Supplies
    • Dental Care 
    • Travel Expenses

    Generally, you can claim all amounts paid, even if they were not paid in Canada.

  • Employment Expenses - Meals & Lodging

  • You can claim a meal and lodging expense deduction if you:

    • Work for an airline, railway, bus, or trucking company, including long-haul truck drivers
    • Work for any other employer whose main business is transporting goods, passengers, or both
    • Travel in vehicles that the employer uses to transport goods or passengers
  • Download TL2

    To claim MEALS & LODGING this form must be signed by your employer PDF Fillable TL2

  • Download T2200

    To Claim additional EMPLOYMENT EXPENSES - such as vehicle, cell phone, office / shop, tools ... PDF fillable T2200

  • Disability Tax Credit

  • - Don't overpay for this service.

    Canada Revenue Agency allows an individual with a disability to request that the disability tax credit be applied to current, previous and potentially future years your Doctor must complete the form listed below in order to qualify for this tax credit. For more information about this program give us a call at 780-542-5050 

  • Download T2201

    To claim the DISABILTIY TAX CREDIT provide this T2201 to you Doctor at your next visit ( they will likely have a fee to complete this form ) 

  • Home Credits

  • You can claim $5,000 for the purchase of a qualifying home in 2017 if both of the following apply:

    • you or your spouse or common-law partner acquired a qualifying home; and
    • you did not live in another home owned by you or your spouse or common-law partner in the year of acquisition or in any of the four preceding years (first-time home buyer).
  • Moving Expenses

  • If you have moved at least 40 km to start a new job, a new business or to attend college or university full time, you can claim most of your moving expenses on your income tax return.

    • Fuel
    • Meals
    • Lodging
    • Storage
    • Utility Hookups
    • Lease Penalties ... 

     the costs of selling / buying a house, such as agent and legal fees, are tax deductible.