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    the Business Center is registered as a  Certified Professional on the Canada Revenue Agency.  " Specialize in Maximizing your deductions & credits. "  Provide us with the information we need to determine all the deductions and credits as well as any additional programs you may qualify for from both the provincial and federal government agencies.

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    • Medical Expenses - including km's traveled to appointments and meals.
    • Moving Expenses
    • Disability Tax Credit

    By law, the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) allows you to adjust your taxes for the last 10 years. we look for every opportunity to maximize the tax deductions and credits and programs that may be available to you, and your family, that may be missed or disallowed by discount tax preparers in-depth 10-year tax review to calculate the refund due you. 

    Let us find you the tax refund that is rightfully yours.


    Support when you need it ! 

    No matter how accurately your taxes are prepared - the Canada Revenue Agency may review the deductions and credits that have been claimed, request more information before or after they process the return. we can provide support on an hourly basis to defend your return. 

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    Behind on your paperwork or your taxes?

    Don’t worry. Most of our clients come to us with at least a few months, and sometimes several years, of “catch-up” work to be done. We understand that getting caught up can be a burden, so don’t put it off. Just take everything you have, put it in a box, and bring it in. We’ll sort things out and communicate with the CRA on your behalf.

    You’ll be up to date in no time.


  • Feb


    T4 deadline

    In all instances, you have to file your T4 information return on or before the last day of February following the calendar year that the information return applies to. If the due date falls on a Saturday or a Sunday, your return is due the next business day.

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  • Financial issues hurts not only individuals, but families as well. As a result of recent economic events, approaches to financial literacy have become more reactive rather than proactive. It is important to recognize the need for proactive strategies as you deal with current crises is crucial. - let us help you gain control of your financial future !

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     Certified Financial Educator Instructor (CFEI)

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